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Formerly I was part of M&J Ministries. My ministry partner passed on in May 2019. I am now ministering as A Heart for Souls. I have left some of this information about M&J to give you some of my background. Previous to NBC I was a song and choir director at South Daytona COTN in Florida and sang in theReborn Trio.

M&J Ministries, Mikki Goss and JoAnn Vineyard,  took the Gospel wherever they were given the opportunity from 1990 until 2017. They minstered in 36 states as well as five trips to South Africa. They brought the Gospel through music, pastel chalk art and the spoken word. ***Mikki was the artist.

Mikki and JoAnn are graduates of Nazarene Bible College in Colorado.

I was privileged to do a mission presentation in Durango last year. However due to the CoVid lockdown I have not been traveling much, but helping in my home church with music and pulpit supply. I also had an Africa presentation on July 4,0221 at Morgan COTN in Ft Morgan, CO and this February 27th at Faith Journey COTN in Florence, CO. The people at both churches were very welcoming.

After many delays if things go as planned I will leave April 8 and return July 29.

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